Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crude Oil Deals Nigeria Without Scam: Find a Genuine Crude Seller

 Dear Crude Dealer:

As a Rule, Buyers of Crude Oil Seek ONLY One Thing the Most: Authentic Crude Oil Deals and Sellers Without Scam. However, in Today's International Crude Oil Selling Industry, There Are Far Too Many FAKE Crude Oil Sellers than Genuine Sellers!  


KNOW TODAY'S PLAIN OIL INDUSTRY TRUTH: There are two basic kinds of "sellers" in the world of international crude oil selling business today - the FAKE sellers, and the GENUINE sellers! The FAKE sellers are the ones that are by far more and more numerous and prevalent.

So, THE CENTRAL QUESTION IS: which one of these two Seller types are YOU (the supposed seller) yourself?

As an accredited Mandate of several major crude buyers located both in America and Europe,  I literally can't count the number of times per week that we receive at our office emails or even phone calls from someone who claims he/she's a crude oil "broker" or seller's "agent," "facilitator" or what have you, claiming to have 2 million, sometimes up to 4 million, barrels of BLCO available to sell, per month. Often, this crude is claimed to be already "loaded" in a vessel in international waters ready for immediate transshipment on a TTO at a discount of $6/3, $8/5, $10/7, $10/4, etc., etc., etc., and the e-mailer or caller asks that we hurry up and "just sign the SPA," "just sign the Contract."

These sales messages will always have plenty of "attractive" words like these to describe the supposed Seller: this is an "absolutely genuine and authentic seller," "definitely genuine and reliable," "trustworthy," "respectable," "transparent transaction," "honest," and the like. And, more importantly, the message will often be buttressed with a little sweetner like this: "the beauty of this special offer is that the buyer is not required to make any payment or provide any financial instrument until after buyer has conducted Q & Q and confirms that the vessel is actually loaded" - implying that the buyer is at no financial risk at all if he were to just "sign contract" and enter into this deal. (By the way, the claim that the fact that a buyer has a Q & Q before making any payment on a deal, makes the buyer safe and risk-free, is plain bogus and untrue. But that's a matter for another discussion).

Such picture as is presented above by these supposed crude sellers, is plain boloney, however! Pure hogwash!

Why? Because, as one recent report put it, "unfortunately, the clear reality today is that the business of international crude sales has become heavily infested with crooks and scammers most of whom really have absolutely nothing to sell other than peddling some bogus, worthless documents forged or copied from the Internet, and spitting some fictitious fabulous claims."

The report adds that "Experts say that these scammers use many Sellers' Mandates located all of over the world to bring them business. Mandates operating from or for a few particularly notorious countries (such as Russia and Nigeria, for example), are generally considered to be participants in the scam themselves, but foreign mandates are deemed to be for the most part usually innocent victims who often might think that they are representing a legitimate seller from such countries. These international crude oil crooks and fraudsters parade themselves mostly in the Internet as 'dealers' in crude oil, but are really merely scammy dreamers just out to dupe others hopefully (for them!) big in the millions and millions of dollars." See http://resources.alibaba.com/topic/800188201/HOW_TO_DETECT_CROOKS_SCAMMERS_AND_CARRIERS_OF_BOGUS_DOCUMENTS_IN_INTERMATIONAL_ CRUDE_OIL_SELLING.htm

Put simply, the reason such presentation that are made by these supposed oil sellers is pure hogwash, is because, while just about every single person who comes to us as supposed crude oil seller every day (we get at least some 2-3 dozens of them each day) ALWAYS claims that the seller is "trustworthy, reliable, genuine, authentic, honest," and words to that effect, virtually every OBJECTIVE, CREDIBLE EVIDENCE available, on the other hand, says and describes something completely the opposite as the REALITY!

  • See also the following links which make similar points: The "NIGERIAN TRANSACTION SCAMS" at  http://library.findlaw.com/1999/Oct/1/130639.html  which states that "A fraudulent offer of a contract to purchase Nigerian crude oil typically details the availability of a 'special allocation' by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) of crude at below market prices....[But] In reality, 'special allocations' do not exist."
(There are many, many more, but just these citations will suffice for now for this piece)

THE BOTTOM LINE: So, we KNOW for a FACT, that though every single one of those 24 to 36 persons who presents himself/herself to us as a supposed crude oil "seller" every day, would claim that he (or she) is an "honest, genuine, authentic and reliable" dealer, with absolutely no streak of fraud or 419 whatsoever in him, THE REALITY is actually way different. The REALITY, according to what virtually every available credible and objective data and evidence says, is that NEARLY ALL of such offers and sellers - even to the level of "99.999999% of them," some experts say - are precisely fraudulent and unreliable 419ers.


THE POINT: Clearly, then, SOMEBODY is obviously lying here when virtually EVERY single crude seller or representative of one (some 24 to 36 of them, for example, that come to us in our own case every day) claims that they are honest and legitimate. And lying big time, too! Consequently, for us operating here as or for Buyers, here's the BOTTOM LINE: you may claim, quite alright, that you (i.e., the supposed Seller) are the HONEST and AUTHENTIC one of the lot, and that it's the "others" that are the "bad" crude oil sellers that perpetrate the fraud and 419 on international crude buyers. Right?

Ok! That's fine, we're agreeing with you. But now, however, that's exactly why the onus falls squarely on YOU (the supposed seller), to prove that claim to us then. But now that's exactly why YOU (the seller) MUST do one thing and one thing only: physically "show" us some genuine openness and transparency, some credible, independently verifiable and concrete PROOF and EVIDENCE that authenticate your claims about who you say you are, and about your AUTHENTICITY and GENUINENESS as a true crude seller. And NOT just give us some mere claims, NOT just some words, and NOT just some long "grammar" by you, or anybody whosoever.

But, dare provide us such good PROOF and EVIDENCE, and you've got yourself a sure buy from one of our giant buyers - GUARANTEED! CLUE: There you have it - our little "secret key" for how you get a sale - ultimately!

INSTRUCTION: USE OUR FIVE BASIC OPTIONS. In our case, we've made it simple and easy - and even affordable - for you (that is, for any "seller" who is, in fact, authentic as is claimed) to be able to do just that - "prove" himself or herself as an authentic seller. We have a simple set of FIVE basic Options open to a seller in our system. The requirements you'd need to meet for you to become considered "proven" as a truly LEGITIMATE seller for a particular Option, are simple, readily doable and affordable by almost any LEGITIMATE, SERIOUS Seller who really has any crude to sell. Meet the requirements of just ONE of those 5 Options, and you've got yourself a buy from one of our giant buyers within 10 to 14 days -- GUARANTEED! (That's exactly how you get a SUCCESSFUL sale with us - finally! That's the "secret key"!)

You want to deal? Then you MUST provide (get your Seller to provide) us the AUTHENTIC PROOF & EVIDENCE!

Just send us an email and request for a copy of those FIVE OPTIONS. YOU MUST CONTACT US IN THIS INSTANCE ONLY BY EMAIL, PLEASE. At  anosikemo@yahoo.com   or  anosike2@aol.com

Thank you.
Benjamin Anosike, Ph.D.
Crude Oil Buyers' Mandate, USA
Reliable Dealings International, USA
Email: anosikemo@yahoo.com  or  anosike2@aol.com

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